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NetInstaller Technology

The next project of the direct Netware Group was mainly targeted at PHP developers. A program, called "NetInstaller Technology" provided the possibility to unify installations and simplify them. The "NetInstaller Technology", including all technologies required by developers to build the installer, was published in eight versions. Regrettably, two problems arose. We were unable to find a solution for the SAFE mode of PHP and developers were not interested in using or providing help for a PHP based installer, needing only two files to work (an installation script and an package). The direct Netware Group decided to stop development until its worth to continue development. Source code is available; Project currently stopped

Version: iPK-Klasse v1.10, NetInstaller v1.06, NetInstaller MT v1.02
Status: Stable

Version: NetInstaller Builder v1.00
Status: Alpha

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